International entrepreneurship design

The decarbonisation of the economy is a huge business opportunity. At AEXI, we are passionate about serving the many new start-up firms that are providing environmental goods. We help them to scope and understand the global market for their products.

International entrepreneurship is essential for scaling up the production of environmental goods and to diffuse innovative new ideas to reduce carbon emissions. Success in such international entrepreneurship depends on entrepreneurs recognising and acting on new information – recognising the value in that information. We assist them in this by evaluating the export readiness of firms, by analysing the potential customer base, by outlining transport, logistics and geographical challenges, and by providing key insights into the economic and social context.

Our approach differs from many other approaches which rely on a ”shotgun” approach towards internationalization, by providing a data-driven surgical approach which facilitates lean and agile start-up ventures.

AEXI provides advanced intelligence to better
coordinate trade decisions and the circular economy.

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