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Want to grow your market? Diversify your customer base? Reduce the uncertainty of internationalisation? Ensure that your international trade is consistent with circular business models and environmental sustainability?

Our AEXI Export Market Finder can provide answers.

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AEXI marks the spot

The AEXI Export Market Finder, is made available as a user-friendly application on your PC, tablet or smartphone, allowing you to generate fully automated interpreted intelligence reports in Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint and your own house style. The underlying numbers are also available in Microsoft Excel.

Not only will this help you scope new export opportunities in terms of goods, destination markets and value of the opportunity, but it will save you considerable costs in terms of data analytics and report writing.

With the AEXI Export Market Finder, you don’t need to have an entire team of expensive data scientists in house.

The AEXI Export Market Finder is available on-demand and as an annual subscription service, in terms of which you can generate an unlimited number of reports.

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Case studies and examples

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New Export Opportunities
for Portugal after COVID-19

In 2020 we were asked to use the AEXI Export market finder to find new export opportunities for Portugal in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Opportunities to Export
Solar Panels from the Netherlands

The trade in environmental goods are picking up. In this context we wanted to investigate the extent and location of opportunities to export solar panels from the Netherlands.

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During our pre-start-up phase, the Export Market Finder’s method and online functionality were successfully verified and refined, amongst other for clients that included Australia’s Queensland Government Trade and Investment Queensland, the United Nations Economic Commission of for Africa (UNECA), the London School of Economics, the World Trade Organisation and Botswana’s Investment and Trade Center and leading South African trade and investment promotion agencies. We are also in the process of engaging with New Zealand in this regard

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