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Our Story

Every second, some good is traded across borders, and this generates data. Every day, billions of new data records are created, giving a detailed insight into what is produced, shipped, and consumed across the globe. This massive volume of data can be overwhelming. Finding actionable information from it is like finding a needle in a haystack. This barrier to international trade is what is what Wim and Martin set out to overcome when the established AEXI.

Wim Naudé  and Martin Cameron  founders of AEXI

We put global export opportunities in the palm of your hand

We do so by combining our combined experience of working for more than 50 years in data-driven decision making and research for trade and sustainable development across the world. From our understanding of and expertise on the sources of trade data, the science of trade and development, and the challenges of decision-taking and policy making under uncertainty, we have harnessed the power of algorithms to filter trade big data to find new, realistic export opportunities.

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